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Abogado experto derecho administrativo Barcelona
  • Expropriations.
  • Urbanism (planning and urban management)

  • Aeronautical

  • activity licenses

  • Patrimonial Responsibility

  • Sanctions regime

  • Public function

Tramite telemático naconaliad española
  • Urban leases 
  • Communities of owners

  • Mutual Agreement Divorces

  • Contentious Divorces

  • inheritance

  • Compensation claim

  • Sales-contracts.


abogado experto extranjería
  • Application for Spanish Nationality
  • Residence and work permits

  • Denial of Spanish Nationality

  • Nationality for Sephardim

  • Removal Orders

  • Cancellation of Background

  • Nationality expediting

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  • economic criminal law
  • Crimes against the administration 

  • Crimes against the environment

  • urban crimes

  • Crimes against people

  • Criminal litigation in general



  • Expropriation files, administrative reversals, revaluation.

  • Labor inspection records.

  • Breach of public sector contracts.

  • Defaults of Town Halls: Quick abbreviated procedure.

  • Advice and drafting of projects and urban plans.

  • Files for patrimonial responsibility in compensation claim to the Public Administration for Damages and Loss.

  • Advice and monitoring of disciplinary files.

  • Review of cadastral values, challenge of value papers.

  • Advice on activity licenses and precinct de establishments.

  • Appeals against denials of work incapacities of civil servants.

  • Appeals against penalties for polluting emissions.

  • ICS medical negligence.

  • Disciplinary proceedings for non-compliance with municipal regulations.





  • Telematic presentation of applications for Spanish nationality.

  • Streamlining of the Spanish nationality file with the Contentious Appeal in the National Court.

  • Contentious appeals against denials of administrative appeals already presented.

  • Filing of appeals for replacement and Appeal against refusals.

  • Procedures for investors, highly qualified professionals and their families.

  • Investment projects and business plans for foreigners.

  • residence renewals or extensions.

  • Presentation of initial residence authorization.

  • Community family residence procedures.

  • Initial authorization to stay for studies.

  • Arguments and precautionary measures against expulsion orders.


  • Contentious or mutually agreed divorces.

  • Civil litigation in general.

  • Borders and claim actions.

  • Inheritances-Donations.

  • Debt claims communities of owners.

  • Monitoring procedures.

  • Claims for Damages and Loss.


  • Urban crimes and environment.

  • breathalyzers

  • Filing of all kinds of complaints and complaints.

  • Scams and documentary falsification.

  • Misappropriations in communities of owners.

  • Offenses of Insults.

  • Harassment-damage-injury.

  • minor crimes

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