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Spanish Nationality by Residence €281+VAT (€340)

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Lawyer David Neila Pérez, Collegiate number 38,870, will direct your case with the greatest speed and maintaining the rigor of years of experience and trust. We like things well done. 

Aslawyers specialized in the SPANISH NATIONALITY PROCESS, we submit your application for nationality electronically, monitoring the file with receipt of notifications until it is granted, as quickly as possible. We also offer other services such as the acceleration of nationality files, contentious appeals against denials of nationality and immigration procedures such as the community residence or rooting card. 

We provide service for all of Spain, as the nationality process is completely telematic.

Fill in the following form or write to us atbufetneila@icab.catand in less than 24 hours we will contact you to start your process or answer your questions

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If you want to submit your application for Spanish nationality and be advised by expert lawyers in Spanish nationality, do not hesitate to contact us, we have thousands of applications for nationality granted in record time, some in just 1 month, others in approximately 1 year . 

We are aLaw firm in Barcelona with service for all of Spain, regardless of where you are as the electronic procedure is being carried out.

Our law firm is characterized by friendly treatment, monitoring and accompaniment with the client directly without intermediaries and by the flexibility that we offer to our clients. 

Within the nationality procedures, if you wish, we can take care of managing the sworn translation of your documents.

Immigration Procedures:We offer the service of telematic presentation of the community residence authorization for a common-law couple or other modalities, permanent card, residence renewal, rooting procedures, administrative resources, etc. from 300 euros + VAT.

Other subjects: You can consult ourservice letterto know the detail of the rest of the subjects to which we dedicate ourselves.

Nationality records:Rate 281 euros+ VAT (340) Review, present, follow-up, full advice, reserve date for Instituto Cervantes exams, follow-up until resolution of concession

You can contact us without obligation at 679766931 or, we will be happy to attend to your case.



Why choose a lawyer to process nationality?

Answer:Although submitting the nationality application electronically may seem easy, a simple error or omission can lead to the nationality file stagnating or even being denied. In addition, having an expert lawyer in Spanish nationality gives you the security that we take care of any inconvenience and receive any notification, including the granting of nationality.

Which is the first step before applying for nationality?

Answer: The first step is to make sure that all the requirements are met to be able to process the nationality. Once insured, you should not start by collecting the criminal record or birth documents (at least not at this time), because beforehand it will be necessary to reserve a day and time to take the Instituto Cervantes exams, as long as you do not have ESO or higher degree.

How long does it take to resolve a nationality file?

Answer: The maximum legal term to resolve a nationality file is one year. However, this period can actually be increased depending on each file. After a period of one year has elapsed, it is possible to expedite the nationality file with the contentious appeal. 

Currently, the average time for a file to be resolved is between 1 and a half to 2 years. 

How long does the nationality file take to qualify?

Answer: Although there is no rule that regulates it, when a nationality file is being qualified, it can currently be in this phase for between 3/6 months. Everything will depend on the volume of work of the Sub-directorate of nationality and if a new crash plan is approved for this year 2022.

How long does it take to resolve a requirement in the nationality file?

Answer: When in a nationality file we are notified of a requirement, once the documentation has been provided, it is possible that the ministry takes approximately 3 months to continue with the processing of the file.

If I have ESO, do I need to request the waiver?

Answer: It is not necessary to request the waiver, it will be enough to provide a copy of the ESO title.

How long can I be outside of Spain if I want to apply for nationality?

Answer: If to apply for Spanish nationality, the legal residence period that applies to you is 2 years, you must not have left for more than 3 months per year. If the general term of 10 years applies to you, you must not have left more than 6 months per year.

If I have already presented my nationality through a public registry, can I then submit the nationality application electronically?

Answer:  If you recently submitted your nationality application in a public registry by mistake, there is still time to process it electronically as long as an R number has not been assigned to your nationality file. 

If I have debts, can I apply for nationality?

Answer:  If you have contracted debts with social security or the tax agency, this does not prevent you from applying for Spanish nationality.


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