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Spanish Nationality application: Without leaving home

It is possible that you already have all the documents required to present the nationality application.

As a general rule they are as follows:

- Full valid passport.

- Copy of your nie.

- Criminal record and birth certificate from your originary country.

- Certificate accrediting having passed the exams of the Instituto Cervantes (CCSE and DELE A2), or accrediting having studied in Spain at least ESO, or having completed 70 years of age, or accrediting having no studies in their country of origin.

If you still do not have the Cervantes Institute Exams, the first step we take is to reserve a day and time for you to do the Exams. (If you come from a Spanish-speaking country, we will only have to reserve a date for the CCSE (Sociocultural Knowledge) exam, if not, we must also enroll you in the DELE A2 exam ( Spanish exam).

How do we start the process of electronic filing of nationality?

The first thing we do is request a copy of your NIE to start the "expediente de nacionalidad" because the residence autorization can be diferent, and the documents to aply the nationality can be diferent. For example, if you have a residence card for marriage with a european citizen, (the community card), we will additionally require the joint registration certificate, the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of your Spanish spouse.

Therefore, we analyze each case and if any additional document is required, we request it. If at this time, you do not have any of the required documents, the nationality application can also be submitted, although, when the officials receive the file, they will make a request to provide the missing document (the period they grant is 3 months) that in your case would begin to count when the request is notified, although at this time when we are in an alarm state, the deadlines do not operate.

How to send the documentation to the lawyer to present the nationality application?

The original documents must be kept by you, since they will be required in the Civil Registry on the day of the Jura, once the Spanish nationality has been granted. Therefore, you only have to send us a copy of the documents, either through WhatsApp by photo or by email to

If I send all the documentation, when will the nationality application be presented?

If the documentation is correct, we guarantee that the electronic filing of the nationality application will be made within a maximum period of 24 to 48 hours, after payment of the fees.

What is the cost of submitting the nationality application?

If you have to take the Instituto Cervantes exams, currently the CCSE exam fee is 85 euros and the DELE A2 fee is 130 euros.

In addition, at the time of submitting the application, the nationality fee must also be paid, which today is 102 euros.

As for our fees, we have 2 modalities:

-Review and presentation (234 euros VAT included). This modality is for those who have all the documentation and do not want advice or follow-up.

-Revision, presentation, personalized attention, reservation date for Instituto Cervantes exams if necessary, complete advice, response to possible requirements and receipt of notifications on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about anything (382 euros VAT included).

How long does it take to resolve the nationality file?

The current deadlines depend on several factors, the first depends on the nationality of origin. For those citizens who come from Spanish-speaking countries, the duration of the file is much shorter than for those citizens who come from countries in Africa or Asia.

Thus, for example, for a citizen of Colombia or Ecuador, the current deadlines are generally approximately 1 year, although we have cases of resolutions in 6 months, even in 1 month from when we submit them electronically. of Spanish nationality. On the other hand, for citizens of Morocco or Pakistan, the concession terms are usually about 2 years, although we have well-deserved exceptions that in some cases have been 1 year and a few months after filing the contentious appeal at the national hearing. (since after one year an appeal can be filed, to speed up the nationality file).

Will I have a file number since I submit the telematic request?

Indeed, from the very moment that we electronically submit the nationality application, we obtain the proof of presentation with the nationality file number, with which you can check if you want the status of your file at any time and without leaving home , through "como va lo mío".

If you want to present your nationality, contact with us!

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